BeFaster Installation Guide - SECTION 2

This section will teach you how to install BeFaster. This guide explains the steps by using an Windows XP system therefore the pictures can be different in other systems. Click thumbnail pictures to enlarge them.

You have BeFasterSetup.exe file in a folder. It is setup program of BeFaster:
Run BeFasterSetup.exe by clicking it and then you will see welcome screen.     
Choose your setup language. This will change BeFaster's interface language, too:
In this example, we chose English as setup language. Click Next button after you choose the language.  
After you click Next button, setup will continue.  
At that step, setup will ask you the destination directory. Click Next button to use the default:
Installation will begin in this step. All files will be copied to the selected destination folder. Please wait until copy process is completed:
After installation is completed, you will see this window:
Click Finish button to close BeFaster setup program.  
Now, BeFaster is installed to your computer. A shortcut on your desktop and BeFaster program group are created.  
You can click BeFaster shortcut to run BeFaster.  

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