BeFaster Lite Installation Guide - SECTION 1

This section will teach you how to download BeFaster Lite at our web site. This guide explains the steps by using Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP system therefore the pictures can be different in other systems. Click thumbnail pictures to enlarge them. All pictures are taken from BeFaster installation.

BeFaster Lite download page is open now:
There are some links to download BeFaster Lite.   
Click a link to download BeFaster Lite setup program. Its extension can be exe or zip. You must prefer exe, if you are not an experienced user. In this example, we click "Download from" link and a new page is opened in a different browser window:
In a few seconds, a new window will appear and it will ask what you want to do:
Click Save button to have bflite.exe file on your harddisk. So you can install BeFaster Lite later, by using this file.  
After you click Save button, you can see another dialog window:
Choose a location to save bflite.exe file by using "Save in" part of the window:
After you choose the location, click Save button to save BeFaster Lite.  
A new window will appear to show you the progress:
With some connections, this window can appear different. But it is not a problem, although it does not show the progress, it downloads BeFaster Lite: 
After download is completed, you can see this dialog window:
Click Open button to run BeFaster Lite setup at that moment. Click Open Folder to open the folder that you have downloaded BeFaster Lite in.  
If you clicked Open Folder to open the folder that you have downloaded into, the folder will be opened. Then you can click bflite.exe file manually to begin installation:
Click Close button to close this dialog. Then you must find the folder that you have downloaded BeFaster Lite in and then click bflite.exe file manually to begin installation.  

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