Welcome To BeFaster Lite Installation Guide!

This guide is designed to help any novice user. So it can be boring for some experienced users.

SECTION 1 : You don't have BeFaster Lite setup now.

  1. Your computer is running and you are connected to the internet now.
  2. Open your browser window. (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc)

  3. a- Type our website's address : http://www.ekremdeniz.com At our web site, in Products section, click BeFaster Lite and click Download to have BeFaster Lite setup program.

    b- Or you can directly go to BeFaster Lite Download section by typing this address : http://www.ekremdeniz.com/download.asp
  4. Download BeFaster Lite. Click here if you don't know how to download BeFaster Lite.
  5. BeFaster Lite needs VB6 Runtime Files to run. Please download VB6 Runtime Files, too at that open page. Download VB6 Runtime Files as you download BeFaster Lite.

SECTION 2 : You have BeFaster Lite setup now. Its default name is bflite.exe

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